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 IGNOU 2012-2013: Bachelor’s Degree Programme (BDP)/ AWR (E) solved assignments in English 2012-2013 / Study Material, July, 2012 and January 2013 Session | IGNOU BDP solved assignments 2012-2013



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Application Oriented Course in Writing For Radio AWR(E) Solved Assignment

Programme :  BDP
Assignment  Code: BDP/TMA/2012-13
Max Marks:  100
Note :  Attempt all questions and  answer  each question  in approximately  300-350  words unless stated  otherwise”

1) Describe  the origin  and  growth of Radio in India. (1 0)

2) What are the points  to be  kept in mind  for producing  a Radio  profile of a personality ? (1 0)

3) How is a stage  play different  from a Radio play and  how  can  you  make  a Radio play dramatically  effective  ? (10)

4) Describe  the  qualities of a good  commenta{y and discuss  briefly  the various tvpes  of commentaries. (10)

5. Write a Radio  talk  on  any one of the following :
a)  Corruption  in India
b) Global Warming
c)  The  Changing  Face  of Education.

6) Given  below  are few issues  relating to women. Choose any ONE of them and prepare a radio script for broadcast
preps-re  a.  R-adio  script  for’broadcast:
a)  Say no  to dowry
h)  Problems  of working  women
c)  Exploitation  of women in films

7) Prepare radio  advertisements  {20 seconds each)  on any three of the following :
a)  A new bank-cum-finance  Company
b)  A new supermarket
c)  A fast-food restaurant
d)  A new  tonic for hair growth
e)  A new Soap
8) Write a Radio  play for Children (10-14 years)  illustrating the idea contained in any one of the following :

a)  Donot Put all your eggs in one  basket
b)  United we stand,  divided  we fall
c)  All is fair in love  and war